Medical Grade Silicone Biliary Drains

Silicone Biliary Stents
Silicone Biliary Stents (Image 2)
Silicone Biliary Stents (Image 3)
  • 33 side-holes and a radiopaque marker (see diagram below)
  • Range of sizes (8F to 29F)
  • Standard length of 24 inches

Our Biliary Drains are manufactured from high quality, medical grade silicone material. The soft consistency of our drains provides for patient comfort while the biocompatibility of our medical grade silicone material supports short term placement. These drains are easily placed percutaneously and can be changed readily.

The soft consistency of Bentec’s medical grade silicone drains provides for patient comfort while material biocompatibility supports short term placement. These drains are easily placed percutaneously and can be readily changed. The radiopaque tantalum marker is located in one of the most proximal side-holes to assist placement confirmation after insertion. Medical grade plastic luer lock adaptors are included with the 8F to 22F drains to facilitate ease of connection to an external drainage system, if needed.

silicone bilary stent diagram


Medical Grade Silicone Biliary Drains
Product Code Size
GR83064-12 8 Fr.
GR83064-03 10 Fr.
GR83064-01 12 Fr.
GR83064-02 14 Fr.
GR83064-04 16 Fr.
GR83064-05 18 Fr.
GR83064-08 19 Fr.
GR83064-06 20 Fr.
GR83064-07 22 Fr.
GR83064-10 24 Fr.
GR83064-13 26 Fr.
GR83064-14 28 Fr.
GR83064-11 29 Fr.
• Medical grade silicone – soft, flexible design • Biocompatibility supports short term placement (29 days or less)
• Decreases potential patient discomfort
• Radiopaque tantalum marker in proximal side-hole • Enables confirmation of acceptable drain location by x-ray post insertion
• 33 side-holes on each drain • Provides efficient drainage capability
• Range of sizes from 8F to 29F • Provides options to address different patient anatomies & drainage requirements
• Luer lock adaptor included with stents sizes 8F to 22F • Facilitates connection to percutaneous drainage systems
• Sterile product • Reduces potential of infection
• Not made with natural rubber latex • Eliminates potential for latex-induced allergic reactions
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