Silicone T-Tubes

Silicone T-Tubes
  • Smooth, soft and pliable elastomeric silicone material
  • Range of sizes (4F to 16F)
  • Cross-arm and leg lengths are 30 cm each

Bentec’s silicone T-Tubes are most often inserted percutaneously into the common bile duct after either laparoscopic or open choledochotomy, the exploration of the bile duct for gall stones. All sizes are available in translucent materials.


Silicone T-Tubes
Product Code Size
SU130-1208 4 Fr.
SU130-1216 6 Fr.
SU130-1224 8 Fr.
SU130-1228 10 Fr.
SU130-1238 12 Fr.
SU130-1239 14 Fr.
SU130-1240 16 Fr.