Ventral Wall Defect Silo Bags

Ventral Wall Defect Silo Bags
Ventral Wall Defect Silo Bag (alt image 1)
Ventral Wall Defect Silo Bag (alt image 2)
  • Spring-Loaded Proximal Opening
  • Soft, Pliable, Transparent Material
  • Range of Sizes & Configurations

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The “Gold Standard” for Staged Reduction of Ventral Wall Defects.


Since 1997, clinicians around the world have used the Bentec Silo Bag for staged reductions of congenital ventral wall defects (gastroschisis or omphalocele) in their neonatal patients. The Bentec Silo Bag provides a sutureless approach that can be placed in the NICU when primary reduction & closure of these defects is not feasible.

Our transparent, soft, flexible Silicone Silo Bags cover & protect the visceral content while providing direct visualization of the bowel. The Bentec Silo Bag allows the clinician to gradually reduce the visceral contents back into the abdominal cavity by a combination of manual manipulation and gravity.

Ventral Wall Defect Silo Bags
Product Code Opening Diameter
GR74089-01 5 cm
GR74089-02 7.5 cm
GR74089-03 10 cm
GR74089-04 15 cm
GR74089-05 6 cm tapered
GR74089-06 3 cm
GR74089-07 4 cm
• Soft, Pliable Transparent High Quality Medical Grade Silicone Material • Minimizes potential for damage to exposed viscera
• Enables visualization for continuous monitoring of bowel perfusion
• Allows gradual reduction of viscera into abdominal cavity decreasing potential for complications
• Flexible, Soft Silicone Wrapped Spring around Proximal Opening • Enables placement of Bentec Silo Bag at patient bedside
• Eliminates need for suture placement to maintain stability during use
• Range of Spring Opening Sizes • Accommodates ventral wall defects & visceral extrusions of varying sizes
• Mesh Reinforced Distal End with Preformed Hole • Provides mechanism for attachment to suspension apparatus to maintain traction on bag & support bowel reduction by gravity
• Closed System • Helps prevent loss of peritoneal fluid & bacterial contamination
• Sterile Product • Minimizes potential for contamination of exposed viscera
• Reduces potential of infection
• Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex • Eliminates potential for latex induced allergic reaction

Multiple publications* highlight the following benefits with use of Bentec’s Spring-Loaded Silicone Bag:

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