Custom Medical Silicone
Design & Manufacturing

Bentec Medical specializes in contract manufacturing of silicone and PVA medical devices. The company also designs, manufactures and distributes specialized silicone products used in Pediatrics, Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery, ENT, Interventional Radiology, Oncology, Cardiology, and Urology.

Bentec’s contract manufacturing division offers OEMs a full integrated array of professional services to enhance product development and speed to market resulting in successful product launches.
Bentec’s QuickLaunch™ Program includes:

  • Design Assistance
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Regulatory & Certification assistance
  • Low to High Volume Manufacturing
  • Assembly
  • Packaging

Bentec Medical’s U.S. Headquarters are located at
1380 East Beamer Street
Woodland CA 95776-1553 USA

Bentec Medical is ISO 13485, ISO 14644 CLASS 7 CLEANROOM, and FDA Registered

Bentec Medical
Bentec Company Team