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Custom Manufacturing

Custom ManufacturingBentec Medical specializes in manufacturing the highest quality silicone-based medical products and provides professional services to assist in the area of turn-key design, engineering and prototyping for small to high volume production.

Since 1994, Bentec Medical has been one of the few completely integrated suppliers of custom manufactured medical devices. Our facilities offer state of the art in-house capabilities for design, prototype, and fabrication of quality silicone components and assemblies. When you have an unusual or difficult component need, we can help develop the product that precisely meet your strictest specifications. Developing creative solutions to meet even the most challenging design problems is one of our greatest strengths.

Understanding your business is our business. Bentec Medical has a history of innovative thinking, the ability to meet significant design challenges, and an understanding of cost and value. We partner with you and take a team approach to meeting your needs involving every department from engineering to customer service. Our unique approach to custom manufacturing allows for flexible, rapid and cost efficient solutions to meet your needs.


Calendered Sheeting

Bentec Medical has some of the most extensive calendaring experience in the industry with unparalleled quality and consistency. Utilizing the silicone formulation of your choice, we have the ability of fabricating thicknesses ranging from 0.001” to 0.125” for non-reinforced sheeting and .006” to .150” for reinforced sheeting. We can supply both vulcanized and un-vulcanized silicone sheeting in both sheet stock or as a continuous roll.

  • Thicknesses from 0.001″ to 0.125″
  • Vulcanized Sheeting
  • Unvulcanized Sheeting
  • Reinforced Sheeting
  • Non-Reinforced Sheeting
  • Wide Selection of Finishes & Textures
  • Clear, Opaque and Colored Sheets
  • Calendering & Casting/Dispersion

Rapid Prototyping

Stratys 3D Printer

Bentec provides custom silicone manufacturing options from design, prototype, and fabrication, to a market ready component or packaged product.

Our proven QuickLaunch system insures fast, accurate and cost effective product development.

  • 20+ years Fortune 500 Medical Device Experience
  • State-of-Art Manufacturing Facility
  • Regulatory & Certification Assistance
  • In-house Tool & Die
  • Low to High Volumes



Bentec Medical has extensive extrusion capabilities ranging from single lumen tubing to co-extrusions and multi-lumen tubing with up to 22 lumens and more possible. Our proprietary extrusion processes allow us the ability of easily holding tolerances of +/- .001” and in some instances +/- .0005”.

Extruded profiles are limited only by your imagination, plus some laws of physics. Additional equipment includes multiple-axis laser micrometers and on-line cut-to-length machinery.

  • Single & Multi-Lumen Tubing
  • Up to 22 Lumens
  • High Precision Tolerances +/- 0.0005″
  • Solid Rods & Profile Extrusion
  • Clear, Opaque & Colored Tubing
  • Co-Extrusion



With a variety of state of the art molding presses, Bentec Medical has the option for utilizing the optimum molding method for your product design and budget. We use the following methods for silicone molding: liquid injection, gum injection, transfer molding and compression molding. Our molding philosophy is to minimize secondary operations by developing the best mold and delivering the highest quality product possible.

  • Single & Multi-Component
  • LIM (Liquid Injection Molding)
  • ELAST (Elastomer Injection Molding)
  • Multi Cavity Injection Molding
  • Micro Injection Molding
  • Transfer Molding
  • Compression Molding
  • Overmolding

Secondary Operations

  • Slitting
  • Trimming
  • Dip Coating
  • Printing
  • Punching
Bentec Medical
Bentec designs and fabricates silicone products for the medical industry that require material science expertise coupled with manufacturing engineering knowhow. Simply put, we do things with silicone that few competitors can match, backed by consistent delivery, high quality and client-focused customer service.
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